Velocity Ultra is Coming to PC!


We’re very happy to announce today that we’re working on a PC version of Velocity Ultra, FuturLab’s critically acclaimed vertical shooter. The game will be available to buy this Christmas, just in time for you all to put it in your stockingsor make completely unsubtle hints about teleportation and spaceships to your significant other / parents / Reddit Gifts partner.

When we say ‘critically acclaimed‘, that’s not just marketing talk – the game is one of the highest rated Vita games ever released. It’s won awards and it’s had some amazing reviews from leading games sites and magazines that talk about it’s clever puzzles, excellent controls and fast, fluid level design. We’re really glad to be a part of bringing such a genre-busting game to a whole new audience of gamers on Steam.

In anticipation of your questions, we’ve provided a short FAQ about Velocity Ultra below. Of course, if you have any awkward or clever or random questions we are at your mercy via the medium of Twitter.

Where and when will I be able to buy the game, will it be on Steam?

Yes, the game will be available on Steam! We’re not currently looking at any other platforms for launch. The game will be out at some point after today and before the New Year – as soon as we have a specific date, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

Is this going to be a straight port from the Vita version? Will the graphics be updated?

Pssssh, when do we ever make straight ports? While Velocity Ultra won’t come with any new gameplay features over the original – it’s already pretty damn good – it will come with all the features you would expect from a PC version, including the ability to completely remap controls and play the entire gameplay with a keyboard. The game and it’s leaderboards and achievements will also include full Steamworks integration.

Does that mean I won’t be able to use a controller?

Of course not. The game is great with a controller. 360 controllers will be supported straight away. The slightly more tricky PS3 controller will come with an xPadder configuration you can go load up, and we are looking into how the game will work with the fancy next gen controllers. You could probably try and play the game with a Competition Pro if you want, but it’s not recommended. Rest assured, we know how important control is for shooters, we’ve had plenty of experience in twitch-based controls with Stealth Bastard, and we’re going to do it right.

What about the graphics? Isn’t the Vita screen a bit… small?

Even in our current development build, the game is running at full speed in full HD. The art looks every bit as sharp as it does on the Vita and all the speed and detail has been maintained in the PC version. As we’re also making the PS3 version, we’ve had plenty of practice in making the game look great on a big screen.

Do vertical shooters really make good computer games?

Hell yeah they do. Not only does the PC have a strong history of excellent shooters – both originals and arcade conversions – it’s also home to some excellent indie efforts. If you’re still skeptical, we’d recommend spending some of the time until Velocity comes out checking out games like Retrograde and Jamestown and adjusting your worldview appropriately.

It’s worth noting though that Velocity is far more than a standard shooter with a single gimmick – the teleportation aspect of the game is absolutely core to the experience. The puzzle elements of the game, while designed to be fast and fit with the flow of the action in the game, add a level of cerebral thought not often seen in the genre and make it worth checking out even if you don’t ‘typically’ play vertical or horizontal shooters.

Doesn’t Curve normally make Vita and PS3 games?

It’s true we’ve been mostly in the news recently for our PlayStation games. We love working with PlayStation and are of course continuing to do so. However, way before we started working on PlayStation indie titles, we released both Explodemon and Stealth Bastard Deluxe on the PC, so we’ve had plenty of experience on the platform. In fact, if you’re bored you can download and play the very original version of Stealth Bastard for free to check out our mad PC skills.

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* – Your digital stockings, obviously.