The Lost Clones & A Stealth Inc Patch


Back when Stealth Inc came out we promised some more PlayStation exclusive DLC, and we”re nearly ready to show that to the world! The Lost Clones includes 20 brand new levels for Stealth Inc on PlayStation 3 and Vita, all of which will be playable with the original games five unlockable gadgets.

Before we get to all that creamy DLC goodness though, we wanted to address some of the issues reported with Stealth Inc since release in a brand new patch which should be available right now.

Most importantly, we”ve fixed the leaderboard exploit that caused fake scores best online casino to show up and drown the achievements of dedicated clones. To fully fix this, we”ll be wiping the leaderboards of the original campaign and the Teleporter Chambers DLC to let everyone start afresh, which is an excellent opportunity to achieve your 15 minutes of fame with a brand new top score.

Unfortunately we can”t give an exact time for this, we”re working with Sony to get everything wiped and we”ll update everyone when that occurs – it should be sometime in the next week, and won”t affect the new DLC at all.

We”ve also fixed those frequent system messages “helpfully” reminding you that you”re not online, a bug that caused the level editor to crash, and a variety of other design and level fixes! This patch also adds compatibility for The Lost Clones DLC and its trophies, a few of which can be seen below:dlcWe”re aware this means any dedicated clones achieving 100% completion will find their percentage dropped down, but don”t worry – The Lost Clones is coming out very soon, and we”ll be talking more about it later this week! In the meantime, we suggest gazing at those mystic trophy symbols and trying to figure out what it all means.