Let’s Do The Clone Warp Again!

News is coming thick and fast from the Curve Studios News Spout. In the past few weeks we’ve brought you tales of our publishing exploits and the great games we’re bringing to console this year. But today we’re celebrating for a different reason – after Stealth Bastard Deluxe’s success on Steam, we’ve created 20 new levels for fans and newbies alike to enjoy. Behold: The Teleporter Chambers!

This new level pack contains 20 brand new levels that will test your prowess with the eponymous handheld matter transport devices. Teleporters can be placed on any surface to create warp points, helping you to evade the camera’s steely glare.

But don’t expect an easy ride– these levels have been designed to challenge the teleporters’ capabilities to the fullest. Now that you have the ability to be in two places at once, you’ll need to draw on your tactical skills to outwit the enemy and solve some mind-bending puzzles.

As well as 20 new levels, the Teleporter Chambers level pack comes with six new achievements and unlocks the vending machine item in the level editor. If you’re a Stealth Bastard veteran, The Teleporter Chambers will provide you with a fresh new way to play, and if you’ve never tried the game before, you have even more reason to now. What are you waiting for? GO GO!

The Teleporter Chambers will be available on Steam from 5PM GMT on 14/03/13 priced £1.99/$2.99/€2.49.

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